marry how you  want

      , not how
           you should

Throughout my career, I've sought to create a more personal experience for my couples by simplifying this process. These wedding film collections have been an integral part of that.

I want you to be fully present throughout your wedding day, not having to worry about running out of coverage, so these collections are based around days of coverage, not hours. This also allows us to expand your story beyond the "event" of the wedding to get to the core of who you are.

I offer additional coverage, film, and safekeeping options, also outlined below. I tailor each booking to best fit your vision, desires, and scale of your wedding. 

The Collections

Intentionally created collections to best tell the story you're living

Highly Customizable for your wedding

This is the most popular film I create. This film includes a second day of coverage for you to get creative with! Whether you want coverage of your Rehearsal Dinner/Welcome Party and/or to capture something creative together, this is for you. Take the boat out, go horseback riding on the ranch, do date night in your hometown, get flirty over a glass of wine while you make dinner at home just the two of you, sit around the fire with your loved ones and share your favorite stories...the possibilities are endless. Let's capture this bit of who are you together so you can keep the memories forever. 

2 Days of Coverage
6+ Minute Film
2 Vertical Social Media Reels
4K Resolution Delivery

*All-Inclusive Travel Rate Available Upon Request*

The Traveler

Tell your story to the fullest! If you're creating a multi-day experience, The Explorer is for you. Imagine spending the days before your wedding adventuring around Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands, kicking up some dirt off-roading in the CA high desert, waterfall rappelling in the Blue Ridge Mountains, going on a night out in the city, or relaxing at the lake with your friends and family. Let's dive into this experience from start to finish and tell a story weaving between all the good times and emotions from the days your marriage began. 

3 Days of Coverage
7+ Minute Film
2 Vertical Social Media Reels
4K Resolution Delivery

*All-Inclusive Travel Rate Available Upon Request*

The Explorer

A sunset elopement in the mountains, an intimate day along the coast, a soiree under the stars, the Wayfarer is the perfect way to capture the start of your greatest adventure. If you're having a single day wedding, look no further. This film will feel like you, showcasing all the most emotional, exciting, and epic moments from your wedding day.

1 Day of Coverage
5+ Minute Film
1 Vertical Social Media Reel
4K Resolution Delivery

*All-Inclusive Travel Rate Available Upon Request*

The Wayfarer

I call additional days of filming "Story Sessions", because they allow us to set aside intentional time just the three of us to capture more of who you are outside of your wedding day (which is most days, right?). These are definitely my favorite to do and what I'm most inspired by. They bring so much value to your film - and they're just a ton of fun. Let's chat about what we can do for yours!

Why Multiple Days of Filming?

This Film should be truly unique to you



Documentary Films


Creative Films


Social Media Reels and Teaser Films are the most popular add on and definitely my favorite! If you just can't wait for the full film, you can get these story-driven preview edits delivered within the first few weeks of your wedding.

Relive the biggest moments of your wedding day in their entirety with one of these beautiful full-length edits. For ceremony, speeches, and more.

From additional filmmakers on the crew, social media content, to BTS content, we can discuss all these options and what your wedding might need!



Want to see all the moments that didn't make it into your wedding film? Make sure all your memories are kept safe by purchasing all the raw footage from your wedding.


I'm excited to offer what I'm calling Chapter Films, the stories of the other great chapters you're living. 'Cause your wedding is just the beginning of your story. The possibilities for these films are endless. Couples story sessions, family sessions for the holidays, an anniversary, maybe you're simply loving the stage that your kids and family are in, an in-home session, you're pursuing a dream, or just because. Let's tell that awesome story together!


Words About the experience

"Our Westward Hearts was the best decision we made in the wedding process. Prescott's kind and creative spirit didn’t go unnoticed and his work was phenomenal.

- Karissa and Wyatt

"We absolutely loved working with Prescott! His work is of the highest quality and as professional as it gets. Cannot say enough good things about both him and his work and it was worth every penny spent!!"

- Kristen and Neal

"Prescott's work stood out for all the right reasons! Watching our film for the first time made us feel like we were reliving our special day in the very best way. We laughed and we both had tears in our eyes by the end."

- Carrie and Stephen

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As my career has progressed and my family has grown, I have decided to take on a more limited number of travel weddings each year to better balance time with my family. With that in mind, I am reserving my travel availability for couples that are interested in multiple days of coverage (the Traveler and Explorer films). I have also found that those are my favorite kind of wedding to film and what inspire me most.

As a result, I am only offering single day coverage (the Wayfarer film) for weddings local to the Charlotte region.