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Ghazal and Payam
Oh man, have you seen our film yet? Go watch our film, then come back to this…. Prescott and his team delivered a phenomenal wedding film, and were a pleasure to work with. There simply is no one in the area creating films of a such a high caliber, and if you are reading this, then you probably realize that after watching the films on his portfolio.

You spend all this time leading up to your big day planning every detail, and on that actual day, you get to see all of that pay off. But it all happens so fast and then the next day its over! Which is why its so important to document it with the right photographer, and the right videographer. I have to say, it was much more difficult finding a wedding videographer. Ghazal and I looked for a long time and I was almost over the notion of even hiring someone because I was so disappointed in the quality of the videos I was seeing. Eventually, my wife came across a film Prescott did for a couple that got married at one of the venue’s we were considering, and I was just floored. I think we watched all of his films that night. Working in the professional creative space myself, my bar for content is very high, and Prescott’s work was well above it. Our Westward Hearts doesn’t make wedding videos, they make films, and theres a big difference between the two. Even though we love the photos and the photographer we worked with, the story, the narrative, all the feels you get on your wedding day, are all much more tangible when portrayed through our film.

Our family, friends, and my wife and I cannot get enough of our film. I look forward to sharing this with our future children and grandchildren in the may years to come.

Thank you so much Our Westward Hearts for this invaluable piece of our history.

Haley and Tom
OH. MY. GOSH. Where do I begin?! I’m watching our video for the 100th time right now. I’m so HAPPY. I’m crying good tears. I feel like I can’t believe this was our wedding!!!!  It’s so so so fun, sweet, and beautiful and I just feel the spirit of it all over again. It PERFECTLY captures the vibes.

I have to especially shout out the music: When I was looking for a videographer, I had a hard time articulating exactly what I wanted our wedding day film to be like (I have no background in this art!), but I could easily point to examples of what I thought was “good” vs “average.” Then we got connected with Our Westward Hearts – Prescott’s films aren’t just “good”, they are spectacular. I was moved to tears over and over again. And I’m talking about watching strangers’ wedding videos!! The way he plays with sound/music and sets it so beautifully to images … breathtaking. I prayed immediately that Prescott would have availability to be our videographer.  Now, watching our teaser film a few weeks after our wedding, and then our full length film a few months later, I was absolutely transported back. The excitement, the peace, the FUN. And I really think I have to credit his use and editing of the music for taking everything to that transcendent level!

Prescott, you are the kindest, funniest, most talented vendor I worked with in this whole process. And now I feel like I have made a friend, too! Thank you, thank you for this treasured gift.

Aly and Jason
We were honored to get to work with Our Westward Hearts and have them capture our wedding day. They were incredible to work with from our first conversation all the way through to the delivery process. They are so authentic and genuinely invested in you as clients, so we always felt as if we were working with good friends! When we received our film we were floored by the beauty and grace they were able to capture and it was the perfect gift to remember the most wonderful day of our lives. It is something we will treasure for all of time and we look forward to share with our future family in the years to come! We felt SO much love that day and it was such a joy to see that perfectly conveyed in our film.

Prescott and his team were always accessible and there was no doubt that we trusted them with every aspect. We are absolutely elated and hearts full of joy over the entire experience and can’t thank Prescott and Our Westward Hearts enough for our beautiful film that will be cherished forever. THANK YOU for all you’ve done for us!

Hannah and Taber

O EM GEEEE. I just had to tell you how personally grateful we are for what you created. We’ve watched it over and over again and cry or just sit in awe all over again. Everything about it is so incredibly done. One of my favorites is the last bit when our pastor starts his powerful prayer that you overlaid on the party footage. It reminds me of the kingdom and how “joy is the serious business of heaven!” We have such a good and awesome King. I’m so excited for the MANY that will be encountered by God through your creations. My family and friends are responding with utter “wows” & “who are these guys that made your video?”

We love love love what you do and we couldn’t be more appreciative towards you, your team, and the fire in your hearts. 

London and Nathan

We don’t even know where to begin…Our Westward Hearts truly stands out in a sea of wedding videographers. Prescott and his team’s level of professionalism and artistry are on another level. They were patient, kind, and truly a joy to partner with. This company is worth every penny for the beautifully captured, lifelong memories they will provide you with in return.

Thank you Our Westward Hearts for spending so much time and putting all of your hard work into our video that we’ll have the pleasure of showing our kids’ kids’ kids. We will cherish it forever and continue to inevitably bawl every single time we lay eyes on it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for creating a masterpiece for us, and the best, most moving scrapbook we’ll ever own.

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