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All the details

Bookings are date specific reservations as there are limited dates available, so if you've already paid the retainer for your booking and in the unfortunate event that you need to cancel or reschedule to a new date, the retainer is non-refundable and a new retainer to reserve the new date will be applied. 

What if we need to cancel or reschedule our wedding?

I sure do! I am a huge fan of filming a full wedding weekend as it allows us to capture so much more non-wedding day footage, making your film that much more unique and tailored to your story. Many times, we'll go do an Adventure Session to get some incredible portraits or film you doing something you love, or just going on a little adventure. Think epic locations, off-roading, rock climbing, grabbing coffee, surfing...really anything! If you have any additional welcome parties or excursions, I always love filming those and capturing the vibe of you and your people.

In cases like these, we will of course talk through visions and ideas and I will put together a custom quote for you as needed! I do custom quotes often to better fit my couples' specific wedding plans.

Do you offer additional days of coverage/full weekend coverage options? Do you create custom packages for couples?

Film investment depends on event type (Elopement, Wedding, or Chapter Film) and my film collections are designed specifically to best serve you and your plans. I've heard too many sad stories of couples who decided not to invest in their wedding film, either at all or they went with the cheap option to save some money, and 100% of them regret it. A few times, I've even had couples ask me to try to edit a new film for them from the footage their cost-saving videographer took because they were so bummed with it.

Your wedding film is something that will only increase in value over time. As soon as you leave your wedding, you'll instantly want to relive the moments and see what was captured on camera. And it will just grow in importance from there. This film will be passed down to your children and your children's children, it's a legacy piece, an heirloom created specifically for you. 

While I am not the cheapest filmmaker, your wedding film is one of the only things you'll get to take with you after the wedding. It's one of the most important things to value as you go through this planning process and I know this investment will be worth every penny to you.

What is the investment?

Heck yeah, I thrive when I travel! Anywhere you want to go, I'm all in for it. I consider myself a travel and destination filmmaker, so it's something I really love doing. A large percentage of my work is travel, so I'd love to hear from you if you're considering having me out to tell your story!

Travel costs for single day weddings requiring statewide or nationwide travel will be included in the given price. With multi-day weddings or international travel, travel costs will be quoted after we finalize your plans.

Do you travel? How do the travel expenses work?

I typically film around 15 weddings a year and no more than 20. I keep my bookings limited so I can best serve each couple and provide the quality of work my couple's (and I) have come to expect. If you want to have my tell your story, be sure to get in touch with my as soon as possible about my availability. My couples typically book 6-12 months in advance.

How many weddings do you film a year?

It's honestly a mix of both. But as a general rule, I let things happen organically as putting couples rigid poses totally kills any natural energy and is......a bit awkward - not to mention it doesn't look good on video! I want you to feel comfortable and totally yourself as I document the memories as they happened. Certain scenes or situations naturally require a bit more direction in order to get the best light, movement, and framing (like if the shot is more stylistic or conceptual). 

Do you pose and direct us or are you more documentary in your filming style?

I'm a one trick pony and stick to what I know - telling stories via filmmaking.

Do you offer photography as well?

The payment schedules are customized for each couple depending on your wedding date and any discussions we might have about it during our consultation. There are two standardized factors, however. First, I require a 50% retainer upon booking, which reserves the date(s) for you and I will turn away any other couples reaching out for your wedding date(s). Second, I require any remaining balance to be paid in full 1 month before the wedding. There's nothing worse than the distraction of money or paying people on your wedding day. I'm not into that. After the 50% retainer payment, I usually split up the remaining 50% balance over 3-5 payments with the last one being 1 month before your wedding day. 

What is the payment schedule?

I don't include the raw footage, but it is available as an additional option to you can select if that's something you want! I offer a variety of add-ons like social media teaser films, full-length edits of your ceremony and toasts, and the raw footage.

Do you provide Raw Footage of our wedding?

I'll (bluntly) answer the second question first: I don't allow my couples to choose the music for their film, but I strongly believe that this is for your benefit! Choosing the proper soundtracks for your film is an integral part of my creative and artistic process. Music selection can quite literally make (or break) a film. Not only does it help set the tone, but it goes hand in hand with the visuals, what's being said in the film, and the story being told. It is a driver of the film and a massive part of my inspiration in creating the film. On top of that, I must make sure the soundtracks are legally licensed. As my main goal is to tell a story that captures the heart who you are, I look at a number of different angles when choosing music: (1) your personalities and character as I've gotten to know you throughout this filmmaking journey, (2) the vibes, emotions, and moments from your wedding day/weekend, and (3) your musical tastes, styles, and desires for the film.

How do you choose the music for your films? Can we choose?

The delivery time frame is pretty dependent upon workload at the time, but I aim to deliver films no longer than six months after your wedding date. But it can often be sooner than that. I always try to get the films to you as quickly as possible while still maintaining the level of craftsmanship and integrity in creating a film that honors your investment in me. I keep you in the loop on my editing timeline and when you move up in the queue. If you're interested in skipping the queue and getting your film(s) much sooner, you can select "Rush Delivery" in the Companion Picks section when you create your Wedding Film Collection - you will receive your film(s) within 2 months of your wedding.

What is your typical delivery time frame?

Yes, I love getting drone footage! And no, it is not an additional cost! I am a licensed drone pilot with the FAA and capturing drone footage is one of my favorite things to do. It is included with all of our film options! I always try to capture footage of the location depending upon three factors: the timeline (if there's enough time), location (if the location has any restrictions and is safe to fly in), and weather (if weather is suitable and cooperating).

Do you fly a drone? Is it an additional cost?

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