as you

Preserve the

preserve the present







Let's get you back to the

Though it is an aching within us to go back, the nostalgia we feel is a beautiful thing.

I am passionate about preserving this part of you, when life is as it should beso you can relive your story again and again as you charge ever forward into the next chapters and good times yet to come.

Good times


Teary eyed joys

People you miss

Quiet contentment

Can't hold back

Enamored glances

Freedom of it all

Bold life lived out

Wild adventure

We all want to live longer in the good times



not how you should

not how you should

Marry how you want

not how you should

not how you should

Marry how you want


along the way

For the good times





what this will mean to you

"This one video is the only tangible thing we have that takes us back to that special day. Because of Prescott, I won’t have to dream back to that night, I will get to relive it in all its glory forever."

- Janae and Cole

"Our wedding video made us jump up and down with excitement, laugh, high five, and cry tears of joy. It brought back all the emotions of our day."

- Kristen and Neal

"Our family, friends, and my wife and I cannot get enough of our film. I look forward to sharing this with our future children and grandchildren in the many years to come."

- Ghazal and Payam

Films inspired BY the
SPIRIT OF the west

A film through which your kids, grandkids, and the generations to come will see who you were and how you lived.

Lately, I've been continually struck by the tragic beauty of how quickly life moves along. It hits me right in the heart all the time as I watch my son grow. I want to live in these days much longer than I get to...and before I know it my little boy will only be a memory as I watch a grown son step out and make his own way.

That's why I love telling your stories as you pursue your own great chapters of life...'cause time flies. Through first hand experience I've learned just how much having a film like this will mean to you and your family. It is so fulfilling to create films that will only become more valuable to you as time marches on and leaves those memories to decay. This isn't a luxury, it's a must-have, an heirloom I'd love to create with you.

we all have a story in us

- Prescott

A bit of my heart:

It's the legacy you're leaving. I've been extremely lucky to tell stories about incredible people, while traveling the world to do it. They have become my friends and I'm grateful to have shared this adventure with them.

Life isn't timeless, but your story should be

Stories I've told

Bri and Chaz

Big Sur, CA

Marisa and Mike

Hudson Valley, NY

Jessica and Zak

Olympic Peninsula, WA

Why work with me?

"Prescott and his team were the single best decision we made for our wedding day. I'm sure I speak for every couple he’s filmed when I say that working with Prescott felt as easy, fun, and comfortable as working with a close friend."

- Janae and Cole

"Prescott really took the time to get to know us as a couple and what we were looking for. He went above and beyond to create a unique and intimate experience for us, we couldn’t have asked for anything more."

- Brandi and Shane

"Prescott was the kindest, funniest, and most talented vendor I worked with in this whole process. And now I feel like I have made a friend, too! Thank you, thank you for this treasured gift.

- Haley and Tom

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