The pursuit of presence

My Family

Family. This is what it's all about for me. Like Dom Toretto. Bad jokes aside, I count myself lucky that this job allows me to spend most of my days with them, because I see how quickly the days go. Since our son was born in 2020, I've become much more focused on being present and intentional in life. Appreciating the good days and even the not-so-great days. I strive to be present and aware of how important each day is. When they're all but spent and we're old as dirt, I hope to know I made the most of what I was given with my family.

Some quick mile markers of our lives: Jenna and I met our senior year of college in 2010, were married in 2016, had our son in 2020, moved from where we grew up in Southern California to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2021, and we welcomed our sweet daughter to the world in 2023!

Good Times

I am an enthusiast and very light-hearted and fun-loving person. A "classic 7", if you do the Enneagram thing. I am reenergized around people. I love getting friends together and having a good, spontaneous time with them. I'm very much community driven - I believe it's what humans were made to have and enjoy.

Sometimes to my wife's chagrin, I tend to "just go for it" with my lofty ideas and grand visions. I want us to pursue this life and fight against the urge to be complacent, and it's a ton of fun!

Heck, that's why I've loved capturing your stories since I started in 2012. You're pursuing the goodness of life and celebrating it the way you want. That's a special thing worth capturing and commemorating.


Jenna and I traveled a bunch before we had our son and while it's slowed down, we get that boy out and about in the world as much as possible. We are passionate about it and the value it brings to our lives. From a few month-long backpacking trips in Europe, to roadtrips around the country, we are classic Millennials trying to see the world one adventure at a time.

Some favorites? Well, Scotland is easily our favorite place that we've traveled to over the years. We also love Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and England. I dream of living in both Germany and England for 6 months to a year each at some point - this is a stretch goal cause why not. More realistically right now, I dream of traveling with the family around the country in an RV during summers every few years. What memories they would be!

Since 2012, I've loved pairing my love for travel and filmmaking. It has been an extremely gratifying way to build a career. My favorite part of traveling as a wedding videographer is seeing the places that are most special to you and capturing your epic story in incredible landscapes. The start of your marriage is worthy of an outside-the-box, non-traditional, unique-to-your-story experience and I love helping create those visions and imagining all the possibilities with you. 

A lover of nature and the new experiences traveling brings

I am inspired by the American West. It's not just epic landscapes and emotion-inducing beauty, it tells a grand story of adventure, endless possibility, hope, and grit. For generations, it's captured the hearts and imaginations of people stepping out into the unknown to forge their own future.

I think this beautifully describes you as you begin your marriage, your grandest adventure, and as you go forth together into the chapters yet to come. I want my work to carry that same "spirit of the west" as you boldly pursue this life.

What is the vision behind "Our Westward Hearts"?

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