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And I know you're wondering....no, she doesn't work with me. Believe me, I've tried to convince her of being a husband and wife business power duo, but she emphatically says no! She's a 2nd grade teacher and she's literally the best teacher, so I'm alright with it.

We met in spring of 2010 through our church and after years of friendship and her just not being that into me, we got married in spring of 2016. It was the best! 

Hey! I'm Prescott and that's my lovely wife, Jenna.

Fast forward four years, our son, Harlan, was born in August of 2020 and we are so incredibly lucky to be his parents. He's been such a great kid in every respect and we just love the heck out of him. He's changed my outlook on life dramatically. Objectively, he's also the cutest.

We had a kid in 2020!
He's not a COVID baby.

I grew up in SoCal, traveling around CA and beyond with my parents and sister. After leaving every place, little kid me always said "I want to live here". Jenna and I have made it a priority in our marriage to go on as many trips as possible, which is good cause I'm always day-dreaming about the next one. I can tell you about my favorites so far if you'd like. Some dreams: I really want to settle in and live in Germany and England for 4-6 months (or more) each at some point. I also have a nagging desire to do "van life" (or "RV life" since we have a kid) around the US, at least during summers. I haven't committed to either yet, but someday.

I'm always looking and working toward our next trip. 

I believe we're all living an epic story. And I don't want us to forget it. I love telling those stories. I want my films to reflect the joy and fun, the depth and gravity, the beauty and style that this time of your life consists of. These are some of the best days of your lives and they deserve to be captured and commemorated with heart and artistry.

What I'm a fan of: people that are unapologetically themselves, fun-loving people, intentional people, epic landscapes, small/intimate weddings and elopements, non-traditional visions for weddings, dramatic/beautiful light, cinematic visuals, impactful music.

Driven by story

Although I'm currently a wedding filmmaker, I've been drawn to filmmaking and storytelling as long as I can remember. My parents were actually shocked I didn't major in film in college (I did marketing). I made fun little videos with my friends growing up, but didn't take it seriously or choose to pursue it as a career path until 2012.

Great stories captivate all of us and I'm specifically inspired by the telling of a great story, whatever the medium. Be it in the creativity and visuals of a Christopher Nolan movie, the slow and intricate, yet so compelling character development in The Crown on Netflix, Hans Zimmer's compositions that instantly make you feel so much, or J.R.R. Tolkien's incredibly thorough imagination in his writings.

I believe there's an adventure in all of us that is worth telling. It's the legacy we're leaving and while life isn't timeless, your story should be.

Capturing the adventure
in all of us

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