Stories I've told

This story is about you, so should your film be. You aren't actors (probably), you just want to be yourselves and your film to reflect that.

These are some of the best days of your lives and they deserve to be captured and commemorated with heart and artistry. I want this film to preserve this part of you.

Films about people, not events

Adventurous, Fun, Non-Traditional, Multi-Day

Sam and Kevin

Heartfelt, Fun, Multi-Day

Annie and James

Adventurous, Celebratory, Multi-Day

Kendal and Harrison

Epic, Raw, Emotional

Bri and Chaz

High Energy, Unique, Fun

Emma and Patrick

Narrative, Emotional, Multi-Day

AJ And Andrew

Adventurous, Destination, Multi-Day

Our Westward Hearts Reel

Laid-Back, Luxurious, Good Times

Janae and Cole

Good Times, Light Hearted, Summer Love

Zoe and Adam

Non-Traditional, Grand, Multi-Day

David and Ali

Adventurous, Celebratory, Multi-Day


Grand, Honest, Non-Traditional, Multi-Day

Jessica and Zak

Why this matters

"You spend all this time leading up to your big day planning every detail, and on that actual day, you get to see all of that pay off. But it all happens so fast and then the next day its over!"

- Ghazal and Payam

"I went back and forth on getting a videographer, but so thankful I decided to. Prescott was extremely professional, accommodating and most importantly, a wonderful human being. I would hire Prescott a million times over if I could. He is MORE than worth it."

- Leslie and Xuan

"You literally feel like he's telling your story and a story that is unique to YOU & YOUR SPOUSE! It's like your own movie."

- Briana and Paul

Getting excited about your film


So am I

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